Wednesday, September 29, 2010

For White Wednesday...and a mother's moment

I  will get to the photo of a few of the pieces I am working on a little bit later in this post, but if you will let me, I need to take a mother's moment...I hope you can identify with me in this, whether your little ones are learning to take their first steps on their own, or they are grown with children of their own...I think we as mothers always fight the battle of holding our treasures close verses letting them go...letting them spread their wings...
Well, my younger son, my second born, is heading off to Europe with a friend for two months on Friday...

....notice the long pause...         I am (I truly am) so happy for him to have the time, and the means (he saved every penny in order to make this happen) to go on this trip...a once in a lifetime experience...and, after all, I took this same journey when I was his age.   I am equally as sure that my own mother had the same feelings that I am experiencing right at this moment...I would be lying if I said that I did not fear for him...(for who will watch out for him, when I can not?)  But, I can honestly say that I do know the answer for that, and I am trusting in my good heavenly Father, who knows the number of hairs upon my son's dear head, & the entire span of his days, and loves him more than I could ever, possibly, ever....!!

So I am having one of several mother moments, as I help him prepare for the trip...packing, checking off things on his and my many lists, making sure we have ways to stay in touch, praying, and sending him off with JOY, love, tears, and a camera to catch every exciting moment!  

And since I said in an earlier post that I would share a photo of some things I am preparing for the upcoming show...a very quick shot of my screen/headboard with my favourite new chippy chair! 


  1. You've got some great stuff to take-Happy WW

  2. I love your white chippy chair. And I can relate to how you feel, being a mother of 3 girls and watching them all spred their wings. It is so hard yet so joyful!

  3. Look forward to seeing you at the Nipomo show. your padded screen looks great!

  4. First of all, I pray that your son has a wonderful, inspirational, educational, and safe time while in Europe. What a great experience for him! Second, I love love love those little zinc pots in your first photo...not to mention that awesome French body pitcher. (sigh!) Happy WW to you....and keep your chin up! :)

    xoxo laurie