Friday, September 10, 2010

I know it is a cliche but TGIF!

Thank goodness, it is Friday! Once summer is done, and the fall is here, I start a whirlwind of preparations for upcoming shows and events...that means the casual days of summer flea market and estate sales are indeed past, and the scurrying to fill in the gaps between my imagined look for the upcoming shows & REALITY is ON!!!!
First comes Remnants of the Past...for those of you who do not know this show, it is such a beautiful venue, an old barn in the middle of orchards and a picture perfect backdrop of California foothills...

50 dealers from California and Washington and distant parts gather together for an amazing vintage show that is a little bit "Round Top", a little bit Country Living, and SO MUCH MORE! I really feel that I must bring my "A" game to this show...everyone is so creative! WOW! vision for this show is slowly coming together, but I always try to add something new, to push the envelope a bit, to find that special something that someone out there will think is special too! ...something that takes an everyday item and reshapes it to something fresh and new...I have a few pieces that I am working on right now...and they are a bit challenging...we will see!

Then on top of the work...(well it is fun work!) I have been reinventing my website and blog...hope you are still with me...

and then, finally, today I was hit by a hacker in my Paypal account...YIKES!!! I am usually a calm person, but I think my blood pressure spiked! After hyperventilating, changing passwords, and venting (just a bit and only to my older son (a very sympathetic listener by the way), so that no one's feelings would get hurt!) I think things have settled down, but TGIF!!!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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