Thursday, May 10, 2012


I am sitting in our favourite coffee shop with my good husband sipping our double (decaf, sigh) cappuccinos and scampering down the Blogger bunny trails.  This in and of itself would not seem all that much to comment on, except that it has been oh, I would say, 6 months since I last had a moment to venture in to this wonderful world.  And now of course, I find myself wondering why it took so long?  I know, we all get busy with our lives.  I do understand that part...our family business (Brothers of Industry)is growing along nicely and I, we, are all there a lot, and I do mean A LOT.  We have gone through (almost) a complete shake up and redo in our home after a little bit of water did a lot of damage, and that on top of LIFE as we know it.  I have learned that I do not cope as well as I thought in the midst of chaos...I am going through the steps that need doing, but also find I am treading water a lot.  And I think that is okay, for now.  I do like a little chaos in my life ( maybe not all the time though).
Kate Peter & Andrew at Remants of the Past

The most powerful thing about getting back to this more quiet time though, is the beauty and inspiration out there in this blogging world.  I am rediscovering some of my favourites and chasing along new paths to new bloggers.  I am really impressed at some of you giving so much to all of us...your creativity, your ideas, your beautiful homes, your stories.  And I am newly inspired.  With so many great things happening here, it is time for me to put a voice and vision to some of them...I will be blogging here, and at the Brothers Blog (I will try to make each a little unique so it will be worth visiting each, I hope)

Meanwhile, we are all off to a few shows in the next three weeks (more about that next time)...we will be at the CALM antiques and vintage show in Santa Barbara, at Remnants of the Past in San Luis Obispo and this Sunday, Mothers Day, the whole fam will be at the Rose Bowl Flea Market.  Come and see us there if you have a chance, and please, please stop and say hi, pass along your favourite blogs, webs and folk we should know about.  I want to highlight them in this blog...give credit where it is greatly due, and pass along what inspires me, and re inspire us all.

For now, all the best,

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Can Life be too busy?

Hi all,
Mid November and life just keeps getting busier.  Sigh...(but yay! at the same time)  Learning to enjoy the crazy busy...what else can you do?   Family, home, holidays, family business, flea markets, husband's job, friends, social media, round and round we go! 
Right now, and for the last few months (well, almost a year to be fair)  the whole family has been in the business, literally!  using all our efforts and time to grow it up, so to speak.  That has meant; flea markets on the weekends, creating, designing & building during the week, follow ups every few days, gearing up for big shows every few months, building (and rebuilding) websites, facebook, blogs, working with clients, moving into one workshop, and then moving again in three months because the first was not big enough, and being on a constant learning curve, WHEW!!
Our space at Santa Barbara's CALM show!
Right now, having a great deal of fun trying to weave all the social media threads together...we are working on building a facebook business page Brothers of Industry  and adding our Etsy page,, and my newest favourite thing...Pinterest!  Pinterest  Now, if I could just get the webpage ( to work with the blog,  mesh with facebook, highlight our etsy shop and pinterest boards and...hmmm....still a lot of work to do! 
I WILL try, I promise, to get back into the swing of this thing, because lets face it, it is just SO much fun! and until next post, you all enjoy, relax, visit with friends and family and take care,

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Time flies...

Hi folks....its been a while, I know...and I really have been meaning to keep up my posting truly!   But summer has been its usual crazy busy time...I am incredibly fortunate to have my good husband home for summers and while I know some of you roll your eyes and think what would you do with hubby home all day every day...I really look forward to it every year

This summer was a bit different.  We were faced with finishing repairs on our home post water damage.  I had been doing as much as could be done while my sweet spouse was at work, but we  knew that summer would be the time to make the big push and finish all the projects started beforehand.  I could wish that this summer would have had a little more in the way of "adventure" and "recreation", and a little less of the household putting back together...and spite of the LONG LONG days, installing flooring throughout the upstairs, (how do the professionals do that day after knees and back are still reminding me that I was up and down, and up and down day after day) the framing, cleaning, painting, cleaning, trimming, cleaning, unpacking, cleaning, moving, cleaning...and did I say cleaning...along with the normal summer projects....We had a really great summer, and I hate to see it end! And the best part is...we have a fresh new palette throughout the house so that I get to rethink and re create a new look in (almost) every room!  And we are spreading out into rooms we never really used before (this house has always had an awkward layout; still is a bit, but So much better).  My husband is gaining an office...and our bedroom is now a little retreat...sigh!  AND I get my adventure and recreation...and a challenge as to redecorate, with out spending... I am moving pieces around, editing each room, adding little touches here & there, and trying to get a fresh new look without running out to shop...(don't get me wrong...I would happily shop every flea market, favourite antiques shop and estate sale from here to Texas, but let me just say, in this day and age, we all are working hard to live within our means & budgeting, and I am really enjoying the experience of working with what I have...and trying to think outside the box a bit.  The bonus is, this is really FUN!  
My takeaway?   Enjoy your own creativity...give it a voice...and do not be afraid to play with what you have!  

all the best to all of you!

One more thing. I need to pass on my thoughts and prayers in a few directions.  First off, as you know, Texas is in the midst of the worst drought and now over 60 major fires...lets pray for relief, and cooler temperatures, and no winds to fan the for folks facing the firestorms...and quick control over the blazes.  And of course for those who have faced flooding and damage with Hurricanes Irene and Lee.  
I also want to ask you all to lift up and encourage our friends who are facing such difficulties in their own families and homelife.  It seems we are facing many many trials these days...lets pray for grace and strength in the midst of the storms.
I call on you, my God, for you will answer me;
   turn your ear to me and hear my prayer.

Monday, June 20, 2011

a post, post Long Beach!

Promised I would include a few photos of our without further adieu...this is my new favourite light...  We had three of these strung over our cool new table with modern steel base ( wood is reclaimed from a Kentucky barn...the metal is salvaged, my older son's girlfriend drew up the design...and my younger son did the welding...I did a little finishing and VOILA!) 

Now, on to the lights!  The lights are also reclaimed wood and give off this amazing soft glow...just love them...
So here is the thought...we have a little niche that will fit a full size bed, but will not fit a pair of am about a pair of these, mounted as sconces, and then, a narrow wall shelf or console...(we're talkin maybe 6-8 inches...)  I am including a before shot of the space (and I do mean before...note the table saw, ready to cut flooring...we are down to the subfloor throughout the main part of the house...we have painted the walls a soft medici ivory, and there is a window seat done in travertine tile...probably making some cushions for that... The space with the broom is a closet to be...creating the door(s) for that...this is so much FUN!   Promise I will send on the photos of the work in progress...for now, may your start to your week be productive, energized and filled with promise! 
all the best,