Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Time flies...

Hi folks....its been a while, I know...and I really have been meaning to keep up my posting truly!   But summer has been its usual crazy busy time...I am incredibly fortunate to have my good husband home for summers and while I know some of you roll your eyes and think what would you do with hubby home all day every day...I really look forward to it every year

This summer was a bit different.  We were faced with finishing repairs on our home post water damage.  I had been doing as much as could be done while my sweet spouse was at work, but we  knew that summer would be the time to make the big push and finish all the projects started beforehand.  I could wish that this summer would have had a little more in the way of "adventure" and "recreation", and a little less of the household putting back together...and spite of the LONG LONG days, installing flooring throughout the upstairs, (how do the professionals do that day after knees and back are still reminding me that I was up and down, and up and down day after day) the framing, cleaning, painting, cleaning, trimming, cleaning, unpacking, cleaning, moving, cleaning...and did I say cleaning...along with the normal summer projects....We had a really great summer, and I hate to see it end! And the best part is...we have a fresh new palette throughout the house so that I get to rethink and re create a new look in (almost) every room!  And we are spreading out into rooms we never really used before (this house has always had an awkward layout; still is a bit, but So much better).  My husband is gaining an office...and our bedroom is now a little retreat...sigh!  AND I get my adventure and recreation...and a challenge as to redecorate, with out spending... I am moving pieces around, editing each room, adding little touches here & there, and trying to get a fresh new look without running out to shop...(don't get me wrong...I would happily shop every flea market, favourite antiques shop and estate sale from here to Texas, but let me just say, in this day and age, we all are working hard to live within our means & budgeting, and I am really enjoying the experience of working with what I have...and trying to think outside the box a bit.  The bonus is, this is really FUN!  
My takeaway?   Enjoy your own creativity...give it a voice...and do not be afraid to play with what you have!  

all the best to all of you!

One more thing. I need to pass on my thoughts and prayers in a few directions.  First off, as you know, Texas is in the midst of the worst drought and now over 60 major fires...lets pray for relief, and cooler temperatures, and no winds to fan the for folks facing the firestorms...and quick control over the blazes.  And of course for those who have faced flooding and damage with Hurricanes Irene and Lee.  
I also want to ask you all to lift up and encourage our friends who are facing such difficulties in their own families and homelife.  It seems we are facing many many trials these days...lets pray for grace and strength in the midst of the storms.
I call on you, my God, for you will answer me;
   turn your ear to me and hear my prayer.

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