Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Can Life be too busy?

Hi all,
Mid November and life just keeps getting busier.  Sigh...(but yay! at the same time)  Learning to enjoy the crazy busy...what else can you do?   Family, home, holidays, family business, flea markets, husband's job, friends, social media, round and round we go! 
Right now, and for the last few months (well, almost a year to be fair)  the whole family has been in the business, literally!  using all our efforts and time to grow it up, so to speak.  That has meant; flea markets on the weekends, creating, designing & building during the week, follow ups every few days, gearing up for big shows every few months, building (and rebuilding) websites, facebook, blogs, working with clients, moving into one workshop, and then moving again in three months because the first was not big enough, and being on a constant learning curve, WHEW!!
Our space at Santa Barbara's CALM show!
Right now, having a great deal of fun trying to weave all the social media threads together...we are working on building a facebook business page Brothers of Industry  and adding our Etsy page, http://www.etsy.com/shop/BrothersOfIndustry, and my newest favourite thing...Pinterest!  Pinterest  Now, if I could just get the webpage (www.brothersofindustry.com) to work with the blog,  mesh with facebook, highlight our etsy shop and pinterest boards and...hmmm....still a lot of work to do! 
I WILL try, I promise, to get back into the swing of this thing, because lets face it, it is just SO much fun! and until next post, you all enjoy, relax, visit with friends and family and take care,

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