Thursday, May 10, 2012


I am sitting in our favourite coffee shop with my good husband sipping our double (decaf, sigh) cappuccinos and scampering down the Blogger bunny trails.  This in and of itself would not seem all that much to comment on, except that it has been oh, I would say, 6 months since I last had a moment to venture in to this wonderful world.  And now of course, I find myself wondering why it took so long?  I know, we all get busy with our lives.  I do understand that part...our family business (Brothers of Industry)is growing along nicely and I, we, are all there a lot, and I do mean A LOT.  We have gone through (almost) a complete shake up and redo in our home after a little bit of water did a lot of damage, and that on top of LIFE as we know it.  I have learned that I do not cope as well as I thought in the midst of chaos...I am going through the steps that need doing, but also find I am treading water a lot.  And I think that is okay, for now.  I do like a little chaos in my life ( maybe not all the time though).
Kate Peter & Andrew at Remants of the Past

The most powerful thing about getting back to this more quiet time though, is the beauty and inspiration out there in this blogging world.  I am rediscovering some of my favourites and chasing along new paths to new bloggers.  I am really impressed at some of you giving so much to all of us...your creativity, your ideas, your beautiful homes, your stories.  And I am newly inspired.  With so many great things happening here, it is time for me to put a voice and vision to some of them...I will be blogging here, and at the Brothers Blog (I will try to make each a little unique so it will be worth visiting each, I hope)

Meanwhile, we are all off to a few shows in the next three weeks (more about that next time)...we will be at the CALM antiques and vintage show in Santa Barbara, at Remnants of the Past in San Luis Obispo and this Sunday, Mothers Day, the whole fam will be at the Rose Bowl Flea Market.  Come and see us there if you have a chance, and please, please stop and say hi, pass along your favourite blogs, webs and folk we should know about.  I want to highlight them in this blog...give credit where it is greatly due, and pass along what inspires me, and re inspire us all.

For now, all the best,

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