Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sunny Blue Skies & Happy People...Alameda Antiques Faire

Isn't it amazing what a little sunshine and blue sky will do for peoples' spirits?  It was such a pretty day on Sunday and apparently many many thousands of people thought so to and decided it would be nice to go flea marketing at Alameda... my good sons and I were there, fresh from Texas, and meeting some amazing folk!
 Though I will admit we were a little tired from the adventures of the previous week, we packed up our trailer and drove on up the coast to San Francisco to join in the fun and sun...

I have some favourite dealers I like to visit early in the day for their treasures, though it is not so easy to do that when I am selling there as well!  My sons and I TRY to take it in turns to walk about and see things, (picking up a treasure here and there)...and I REALLY enjoy visiting with all our friends who share in this gypsy life!  (Hello Tim & Lisa, Coco & Fred, Bombshell Betty....!)

Once the day begins in is time to get down to "business" which for me, is about meeting new folk and sharing stories about the things we have in our booth...I am (admittedly) a history wonk...and you can count on me to find out what that funny looking thingy is and what in the world it was used for...

Thanks to our new friends as well for stopping by our booth to say hello!  The three fabulous ladies from the 3 Speckled Hens came by ...and how much fun were the Farmyard Darlings!...and Katrien from voilagallery...amazing designs!
Getting to know all of you makes this "job" a real pleasure!  THANK YOU! and Happy April!

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