Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Home Again, Home Again!

How amazing was this last week....!

First of all, can I say how much of a rare gift it was to share this time in Texas with my sons, my husband and my older son's girlfriend...we all had an AMAZING time! We shopped, shopped, shopped and then, shopped some more!

Brothers of Industry
Brothers of Industry

Prize for the Largest Find!...Moooo!

 And in between shopping (and drinking bottles and bottles of water, ) we ate barbeque (and an occasional Shiener Bock to go with that bbq brisket) & blue bell ice cream, we attended a book signing party for Rachel Ashwell at an awesome antiques shop called Leftovers, we ran into SO many good friends (if you want to find the Californians in the middle of a 90 degree hot and humid day in Texas, look for ANYPLACE with a fan or air conditioning!) and we made many new friends...among them, Debbie (and Cat Daddy!) from Talking Trash...  Donna from DH Interiors & Vicki Davis from Texas Rose
And let me just say...we found some Fabulous things! 
And oh, we needed to. We have 5 shows (yep, 5!)coming up in the next 4 months along with our usual flea markets up and down the California brain was buzzin' all day long, thinking about the looks I wanted for each of those shows...a soft green palette warmed with wood for the CALM show in urban farmhouse look for Remnants of the Past in April...and that is only the beginning!   Then there is the Farm Chicks show in June and the LA Gift mart in July.....What can I say?   I am really, seriously, unbelievably excited....
For now, the truck is loaded up and we are on our way back to stop Alameda for the Alameda Antiques Faire...Find C3 & C4 (we just found out today, Friday!) on Sunday April 3rd... promise it will be worth it!    and a quick link into White Wednesdays 

Treasures on the Truck!

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