Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Gone to Texas...

For many of us, (and you know who you are!)...twice yearly our thoughts start to turn toward Texas...not because the blue bonnets are in bloom, though they are stunningly beautiful sweeping over the fields in painterly patterns...and not for the Bar B Que (though, seriously, yumm!) and not even for the big Texas welcome, BUT because, twice a year...April and October (and a good week or so ahead of that...) Round Top and Warrenton Texas...and literally every field and dance hall in between host hundreds of thousands of us as we search for that perfect chest of drawers, that amazing chandelier that you just KNOW will look fabulous in your bathroom (and yes I AM looking for one of those!), and that curious...just what is that? thing that you simply must have!  Dealers come from around the US and  Europe to bring their treasures to share with the rest of us...Its overwhelming...its gorgeous...its long can be hot & humid or rainy/muddy...its people, people, people, and its FUN! (if you like being overwhelmed, and people, and traffic (how can a small country town, population 77 manage hundreds of thousands?) and if you like "the Hunt"....then I imagine, I will see some of you there!!
I will post a few photos of some of the wonderful dealers and their finds next week as I am able...internet permitting!
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In the meantime, may your week ahead bring you productive full with your loved and comfort in the midst of it all!
all the best,

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