Wednesday, March 9, 2011

sunshine and progress!

It is a beautiful day today!   Sunshine, clear skies, and warm...what a blessing...We have not been in our house for quite a while (long story...not necessarily blogworthy, but suffice to say we are in the midst of a lot of work here and a lot of meals out, sigh...) but today is one of those days that make me hopeful that the work WILL get done, the rooms will soon be filled with homey things again, and the scents of the garden (the jasmine is blooming right now...delicious!) and of home cooked meals will soon be ours again...
If I have been remiss in keeping the blog going, (oh, and I have)...I excused myself to myself by pointing out the many tasks that have overtaken my days...but really, it is so necessary to keep all this in perspective...and I had a little flash last night in my quiet time...(love it when you get that little nudge) as to what is of lasting value, worth and purpose...and the busy ness just is not it!...caring for others, listening to others, helping to make them feel cared for and valued in this life, being able to say "yes, send me" when called...that just means so much more...
SO  to each of are you all doing?  How is life treating it sunshine and progress, or is it busyness and trials...?  Either way, I am can I be a friend?  

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