Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A simple thank you!

Ah, two weeks of crazy busy, and I am just today getting a chance to catch up on the family...house...business...busy-ness that I have needed to set aside while the "family business" was at the LA Gift show (Jan 21-24th) and CALM this last weekend...
Weren't you all so kind to stop by and say hello!  A big thank you to Jennifer over at The Old Painted Cottage for her kind words and a special trip to see my space at the CALM show.  I love her latest blog on the birch log side table...love what is going on in her living room!  those yummy neutrals...I am ready to move right in!

And speaking of Jenny's...Jenny Kompolt (or Jenny K!) of the Junk Girls also stopped by, and I have to say...not only is she SO amazingly talented, gifted and creative with all she has got going on, but she has now agreed to take on "bringing the CALM show forward into the tech age..." can not wait to see how this wonderful show will improve, grow and benefit from new dealers, new clients and new ways of getting the good word out!  A big thank you Jenny!     (May I add a quick thank you to April Thede, CALM's fearless leader, for having the vision to contact Jenny in the first place!)

So many sweet stories from the shows, too many to share, but I feel privileged to have been there with you...hope you had as much fun as we did!

And now, after (maybe) a day of rest...(tomorrow?)...it is time to gear up for Alameda...we will be in two spaces, N21 and N22 and look forward to seeing you there!  Do not know yet whether it will just be my sweet husband and myself...or whether "the guys" will make the trip as well...My good sons...(Brothers of Industry) are heading down to LA today with a few deliveries from the shows, and finishing up on a few more orders...In the mean time, we are working in our house...new colours, and a new look for the New Year...time, though...it all takes time...

See you all...for White Wednesdays at Faded Charm...almost time! and hopefully Vintage Fridays....and for those of you who can make it...Alameda...and here is hoping for BEAUTIFUL weather (after three months of rain rain rain!) for Sunday!

all the best,

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