Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy! and loving it, (I think!)

Whew!  L.A. Gift mart this last weekend, and how much fun was that! 
All Things Beautiful and the Brothers of Industry family business took it on the road to L.A. for the mart.  We showcased what we love to do...bring a bit of the useful things from our past back to relevance for today!  We had a few of the guys' tables, some of their lighting (all gone now...so we are back on the hunt!) along with a pair of cozy slipcovered vintage wingback chairs, and to top it off, mirrors, curiosities and other treasures!   I think the favourite item we had to sell, BY FAR was the fabulous 40s dress form...but a close second were whimsical bed springs displayed on a vintage easel...people kept stopping dead in their tracks to take a second look!

I must say, we so thoroughly enjoyed meeting everyone, clients and fellow vendors, and it was a true blessing to be there...we will be back in July with new, (well not "new", but wonderful!) things to share with everyone!

Now we are off to the next show, the CALM antique and vintage show in Santa Barbara, this Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the Earl Warren Showgrounds.  This show is a wonderful one, benefiting the Child Abuse, Listening and Mediation Charity!  We can be found right in the center of the whole thing, and we hope to have some more fun finds in time for a great show...there are some amazing dealers there, including Kymberley Fraser from 3 Fine Grains & A Beautiful Mess (make sure to stop by her shop in Agoura Hills...not to be missed!)...

Please let me know if you will be coming, as I have a few passes to the show that I can share with our customers!   Hope to see you there, and a BIG thank you to everyone who stopped by our "shop" at the Mart!  Your kind words, encouragement, and support mean SO much to this family!
all the best,

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