Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Farm Chicks Here we come....

wish I could share with you the process that goes on behind the scenes as we (Brothers of Industry, and me, the mother of the brothers....) get ready for a major show like this one, the Farm Chicks or Remnants of the Past...
because we create a good deal of what we bring to each and every one of these shows, we spend quite a bit of time in our workshop...coming up with ideas, doing some "what if we tried this...? scenarios....and mostly a lot of good old fashioned hard work....for the last few weeks, my sons have outdone themselves in creating some fabulous new tables...(did you know, by the way, that one of their tables was featured on Secrets of a Stylist on HGTV?  they made a table out of a bowling alley cool!)  Anywho....they made two tables out of bowling alley would be an awesome kitchen island...hmmmm....could I knock out my own island, and put this one in instead?  I'm thinking!!!!!  and they also made an amazing table from reclaimed beechwood from an old Alabama distillery with a really amazing metal base....i will have to have a photo....can not describe it as well as a picture, but unfortunately, it is now packed away (in a very full trailer) and heading up to Spokane...for my part, I was busy with designs, putting the final touches on some soft goods...purses, pillows, aprons and drawing out the layout for this show....and packing up box after box of smalls (ironstone, glass,toys,and all sorts of curious bits of fancy) to make our little spot special (I do hope!)

All this on the heels, and I do mean, the day after our last big show...did I mention that this is one very crazy busy life we are all in?   I do have to say though, we are trying very hard (it is not easy when the stresses of this busy ness get to us all)  as a family to make time for family time, (we have had some really nice times out in the garden, barbequeing and snacking on some delicious meals), and my husband and I did get away for 3 days... just to be important to make sure to put those things first....cause without those relationships....what is this business worth anyway? we sons are on the road...(and I am praying for travel mercies...hear the weather may be bringing June! sigh) and my husband and I fly out tomorrow...and then set some new wonderful folk and see some dear old friends...and then two days of FARM CHICKS.....YAY!   please come by to see us if you are going....say hello and let me know you follow us at our little blogs!!!

In the meantime, I am hooking up with white wednesdays, and vintage fridays...(on Friday!)

may your week be a blessing, and may you be a blessing to those around you,

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