Friday, June 10, 2011

Farm Chicks retrospectively....

Well folks, we are just back from Spokane Washington!  What an amazing trip...wonderful people (Serena, THE Farm Chicks "head chick", you are so talented, so unflappable amidst 200 crazy dealers and untold numbers of super excited women ready willing and able to shop til they dropped!)  And speaking of all those shoppers...all I can say is WOW!  How nice to have met so many of you, and thanks for the warm welcome to your neck of the woods...we loved our time there....really really loved it! 

We sold a few of those amazing tables the Brothers have been creating...and some fun new lights...table lamps made from well plugs (they are the lamp in this first pic and are of course available for sale!)...(have any of you seen a well plug before?  They were new to me!  and lamps made from old shell casings...they definitely caused a stir in our booth...everyone loved them!  Then we had our usual curious finds mixed in...just to keep it interesting!  I am including a few photos from the show and hopefully they will give you a feel for the show, our space and a bit of the energy that goes into Farm Chicks!   Believe me, more to follow, including more photos...but for now, 
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