Monday, May 2, 2011

Springtime Remnants of the past...

Though I will be posting more of my thoughts...and photos... of the Remnants show...I (along with my sons, the brothers of Brothers of Industry!) would like to send our deeply felt gratitude to Judy Watkins...hostess, organizer, dreamer of dreams, and fearless leader...for undertaking this enormously daunting task...we as dealers face the "normal" challenges of setting up our treasures in many unusual odd hours of the all kinds of weather...with hopes that people will see our things and love them like we do (and hopefully buy some of them!)...Judy, and her sweet friend Judi Powers (owner of the lovely property we are so fortunate to have been able to use) go above and beyond the scope of those challenges to take on this whole huge undertaking that is Remnants...bless you, both of you, and keep on dreaming and are truly inspirational....!!!!

Back in a few days to posting, (after I catch my breath a bit!) but in the are a few of the barn the night before the the calm peaceful quiet of the evening...and one, a little vignette of my space (the beautiful workbench has an amazing patina...sort of a greeny grey over a warm weathered wood)  I used antique Weck Jars ( canning jars originally from Holland) for display pieces mixed with beautiful ironstone compotes....enjoy...

And to all of you...a grateful thanks for coming...chatting with me, and taking home a few was such a great show! and you made it so!

(and I am linking to White Wednesday...a little late, but thanks for stopping by!) and I am just adding Vintage Fridays to my blog as well...glad to have found you!

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