Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Giving Thanks...

We here in America have just celebrated our day of Thanksgiving...
a national holiday of giving thanks*, and I truly hope that in the midst of cooking, entertaining, travel, schedules, talking, laughing, resting, eating...all of you were able to spend quality time gathered with family and/or friends and most importantly, were able to take time to remember those things you are most thankful for!
We had a small family celebration this year...we barbequed a turkey (we did and it was wonderful!)...we had 3 pies made lovingly by my father (family tradition!) two different dressings...new recipes for side dishes...(I am always trying something new) and it was all SO special. And what am I most thankful for?  my family, of course...my husband, sons, mother/father, brother, inlaws...the whole brood!  And my friends...God bless them!
Time (always...and never enough of it), each day and each experience that challenges, stretches, pushes us...and mostly, the Author and Creator of all. 

Now, renewed, refreshed (a bit tired from all the entertaining)  I am ready to begin Advent, that time of preparation for the coming of Christmas...and I am promising myself that I will set aside time...for all those things that really matter...

Happy Thanksgiving...Happy Hanukkah...Happy Christmas!...Happy Holidays!   May you anticipate with the coming season with renewed hope, joy and comfort!

*** with a little nod to White Wednesdays at Faded Charm


  1. Hope to see you my friend during this time. :-)

  2. I agree-we need to make time for the things that matter-just figuring out how to do that is the trick! Anything that involves family and friends is the key I think!

  3. I like the way you have displayed your tobacco basket in your home. We also decided to bring out a couple for display for Christmas also. That Raymond had found in North Carolina in a abandoned barn. They are so cool looking when displayed in a grouping. And you vignettes are put together so well. Have a good weekend....TALLULAH'S