Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Adventure of Flea Marketing!

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!   I love Sundays!   Our whole family looks forward to Sundays...a sabbath day...a rest day, a day to gather together, to eat wonderful food, drink a little wine and talk a good bit about the week we all had...this is our family tradition!
And then the last two Sundays we have all started a new "family tradition"...We are now, officially, a Flea Marketing family!  I have always enjoyed flea marketing...it is (believe it or not) so much fun to get up well before the sun rises and bundle up...grab a cup of coffee and my shopping cart and head down to Santa Monica or Pasadena...Occasionally my sweet husband will come along with me up to San Francisco and we get to enjoy a little holiday along with my shopping!
And now, we have moved on to a new adventure in Flea Marketing...my sons have both branched out into this whole mad world of all things flea, vintage and antique and at their suggestion, we scheduled a few selling dates at Alameda and Pasadena and off we went, husband, sons, trailer and all!
Two Sundays ago was our first go at it...and what an inauguration.  We had been checking weather reports for a good week or so ahead of time and it was looking "alright", until Friday...and then the weather report mentioned rain.   As the hours passed it started looking worse and worse, but our trailer was packed, our hotel paid for and it is "rain or shine" at Alameda...how bad could it be and what is a little rain, right?

Needless to say (the picture says it all I am afraid)...it was one of the few times that they actually canceled the flea market due to weather...we all laughed about it...that just seems to be our luck!  But I must say...the customers we met (yes people really do come shopping in all weather up there, bless them!) were simply amazing and so sweet...they actually thanked us for being there!  We had a fabulous time!  we were soaked to the skin, shivery cold...and we are ready to do it again and again! 

It was so much easier this last weekend...Pasadena...aside from getting up in the very wee hours to drive an hour and a half so that we could be there by 4:30 am...to find our space...that is an experience in and of itself...set up and hope for the best!   And wow!  what a show...so many people, so much fun, and so crazy busy...thank you to all of you for coming by our space (U6)   You made it such a success for us...we can not wait to do it again.

My son sold several of his gorgeous mirrors, a stylish "urban farmhouse" table and more...I sold my mid century cow hide chair & ottoman...(I admit, I will miss that chair!) plus a complete assortment of this and that...we are filled with new ideas and can not wait for the next flea...

The guys are thinking of doing Santa Monica in two weeks...they have started their own blog and website...(check out their blog, Brothers of Industry ) and they were off today finding new wood and industrial treasures for their latest creations... whew...they definitely have more energy than I do at this point...(but just give me a few days!) and then it is off to do the whole thing next month...and we ALL can not wait!   We hope to see you there! 

And by the way, please take a moment to pop over to Faded Charm White Wednesdays  ...one of my favorite blog parties and always a great source of inspiration!

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