Saturday, April 10, 2010

Thoughts at the beginning...

Let's share together some of the things that get our hearts going...flutter, flutter, flutter! What gets you up in the morning...what is it that fuels your latest passion...
For me, it is...
Family! wonderful dear husband... helpmate, best of best friends, soul mate, fellow dreamer of big dreams, seeker of the best in me, pusher from behind when needed("get out there and do it for goodness sakes!"), my forever love!
My two sons! When did THEY grow up? Wasn't it yesterday we were playing in the sandbox in the back yard, reading Lord of the Rings at night before bed...playing video games, hockey and golf, doing nights and nights of homework (usually at the last minute)...when did it become wonderful long talks over dinner and wine, family "vacations" completely remodeling a very old cottage, cooking phenomenal meals together and finding the best little local restaurant wherever we are (but where did you learn to like the "nasty bits"? Yikes!) sweet mom and early strength and shield, they taught me so much...still do, God Bless them!
For me, my Faith moves me, though not as much as it should...but I am working on it.
Stories...people's life stories, books (ah Jane Austin!) Movies, the latest news article, my favourite blog from the internet (what were we doing before the internet?) history, science, philosophy...Art...they all inform my thoughts...
Creating things...did you ever look at something and think about what it could become? Just let me wander the aisles at any flea market, and I literally start bouncing up and down...did you see that ...what do you think of that... where (or how) can I use that? Right now I am thinking about the antique ceiling tiles I am going to make into.....? and what colour is that chair going to be?
Can you see where I am going...will you come along...I hope so...!


  1. Very happy to come along with you Kate, and enjoy the journey!

  2. Hi Kate, I found your blog via the old Painted Cottage. I love your pics and look forward to reading more about you and your thoughts. Good luck...I think I am your first follower. Hugs Kym X

  3. Diane D'AmbrosioMay 18, 2010 at 4:53 AM

    I love your story, not to mention your style! I'm glad you started a blog. Now I have something new to look at and inspire new creations!

  4. A good cup of coffee and the hopes of what a new day will bring, gets me up & going each morning. And of course the love of my family. Welcome to blogland! Hope you can stop by and say "hello" too!

  5. Dear Kate,
    Congrats on starting your blog, it looks wonderful and I look forward to your updates! I also hope to start one soon, I know it is a lot of work, but I get encouragement from people like you who are brave and willing to share a peek into their world. I got your link from Jennifer's The Old Painted Cottage. Welcome!!!

  6. Kate, your interest in flea markets, family, and creating all speak to me. I LOVE all of Jane Austin, Anne of Green Gables and Jane Eyre. Will enjoy checking in to see what you are up to!

  7. I'm ready to hear and see more!!

  8. I am exactly like this. I to wonder down the isle at flea markets and garage sales thinking, mind racing about things I can create or use various things for. It's the artist way I guess. I also love and am drawn to things of the past. My home is filled with lovely treasures others disregarded and I collected, repurposed and made into my very own. I wish you luck on your journey! Have fun!

  9. Hi Kate, welcome to the world of blogging! I was sent over from The Old Painted Cottage. She showed some wonderful pictures of your booth at the CALM Show in Santa Barbara. Your booth was lovely! I saw so many things I would want to buy for my home...wish I could have been there.
    I am your newest follower and look forward to seeing all your creative ideas.
    I would love for you to stop by my blog some time.
    Have a great day! :) ~ Jo

  10. New to your blog -- I found you from viewing ( the old Painted cottage).. Your style I love! What gets me up in the morning -- the love of life and to do better be better! I'll be back soon-- best of luck in all you do..